Job title: Hybrid Cloud and Cognitive – Internship Program in IBM

Location: Segrate (MI), Italy

Seniority:  Neo-graduate

Requested skills and experience:
Responsibilities of this role include:

  • Acquire knowledge within IBM and become internal ambassadors for solutions adoption;
  • Support  in solution enablement ;
  • Deploy interpersonal communication and relationship skills;
  • Show initiative to actively seek new perspective and a solid Problem Solving attitude applying analytical skills;
  • Capability to work in a global, multicultural and diverse environment for which English language fluency is important.

Preferred background with solid methodological, multidisciplinary knowledge, a wide cultural openness and the ability to study the problems in an innovative way by combining different analytical perspectives.

What we offer:
Internship Program in IBM

Welcome to the Cognitive Era: IBM is seeking developers and engineers to design and implement innovative solutions using IBM Hybrid Cloud and Cognitive platforms.

The selected candidates will work in a dynamic international environment using the most recent IBM Cloud, Analytics, Machine learning and Cognitive technologies (Watson ).

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