Job title: IT consultant

Location: Italy and abroad

Seniority: New graduates

Requested skills and experience:
We are looking for recent graduates in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Management Engineering, Communication Design, Mathematics and Statistics passionate about technology and willing to build digital worlds from front-end development to back-end integration, across platforms and languages. Let us involve you in our projects to develop new skills in one of the following tech areas: ERP, Drones, Augmented Reality, Analytics, Cloud, CRM, Gaming, Front-End development, Back-End integration, Security, Mobile and Web Development, Machine Learning, Big Data, Social Media, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, IoT, Coding, eCommerce and a lot more!

What we offer:
Join Reply and you will work side by side with an incredible variety of enthusiastic, passionate, ideas-driven people! You will have the chance to collaborate with experts from different industries, learn from them and work on the latest technologies and trends in a dynamic and innovative context.

In order to apply, send us an e-mail at


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