Are you the tough get going when things get tough type?
Then you definitely deserve one of our workshops!

React Native, Serverless and Lambda function, Clean Code, and the brand new Machine Learning and predictive analytics for the Enterprise: these 8 hours immersive experiences will help you grow your career, build your network, and lead your company in the future!

Machine Learning and predictive analytics for the Enterprise – Simone Scardapane

November, 8th

The workshop will introduce predictive analytics and machine learning tools in Python. We will show you how to implement a complete ML workflow, including data preprocessing, model selection, and evaluation. Appropriate libraries for handling big data situations (e.g., Spark) will also be discussed.

React Native: build and optimize multi-platform mobile applications – Matteo Manchi

November, 9th

React Native is a cutting-edge technology that helps developers to build native (not hybrid) apps using javascript. Web developers can now develop native applications using their React skills; native developers can develop boring stuff like CRUD more quickly.

Getting started with Serverless and Lambda Functions
Luciano Mammino

November, 9th

In this workshop, we will get started with Serverless on AWS with Lambda Functions and we will learn all the fundamentals needed to build a complete application from the ground up.

Design Principles Kata – Clean Code
Carlo Bonamico

November, 8th

This workshop follows a Kata approach where, starting from a focused but realistic specification, each step addresses a different challenge by applying Design Principles that make applications easier to implement, change & understand.

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