Building UI Consistent Android Apps


Consistency is probably one of the best-known design principles. Consistent UIs are easy to use, easy to learn and frustration free. Nonetheless, they are also extremely easy to break! Just a few development iterations are enough to totally mess up your color palette or your icon sets. Yelp ships its experience across Android, iOS and Web apps used by millions of users. In this talk, you will get an insight into the challenges we face on a daily basis ensuring our visual consistency, and the solutions we adopted.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Nicola Corti

Android Engineer - Yelp Inc.

Android Software Engineer since 2.2, Free and Open Source lover since I remember. Currently working as an Android Engineer @ Yelp Inc, connecting millions of users with great local businesses worldwide. I usually call myself a "community addicted", can't survive without learning every day, sharing knowledge and having fun with other developers. I also funded and I'm currently managing the GDG chapter in Pisa. In my free time, I also love photography, hiking, and cake design.

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