Serverless computing in Azure: Functions, Logic Apps and more!


Serverless is the new black, but it didn't come out of the blue for Azure :-) Functions, Logic Apps, Cognitive Services, etc... there are a lot of applications of serverless computing that could change the way you architect and design your applications! Infinite scaling and sub-second billing aren't the only guiding factors to go serverless. In this session we'll see some examples and we'll understand when and where it's better to go serverless and when a traditional architecture will be a better choice!

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Lorenzo Barbieri

Cloud Solution Architect - Microsoft Western Europe

Lorenzo Barbieri is a Cloud Solution Architect based in Milan, Italy. He specializes in Cloud Application Development, both Azure and Office 365, Windows applications, Visual Studio, ALM and DevOps, and he likes to talk with people and communities about technology, food and funny things. He is a speaker, a trainer and a public speaking coach. He helped many MSPs, devs and colleagues, improving their stage presence, to deliver great presentations. He works for Microsoft Western Europe, in the PDU Alps division, helping partners, developers, communities and customers with software development

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