Mythical trees and where to find them


Abstract Syntax Trees (or ASTs) are the core of most tools we use in JavaScript, from Babel to ESLint, from prettier to codemods. In this talk we see what they are, how they power such tools and how to use them directly to develop custom solutions to everyday problems.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Gabriele Petronella

Co-Founder & Software Engineer - buildo

Gabriele is co-founder of buildo, where he's a software engineer, working with Scala and JavaScript. He founded the Milanese UG about Scala, and he's an organizer of Scala Italy, the Italian conference on Scala. He holds a MSc in Computer Engineer from Politecnico di Milano and a MSc in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago, where he also worked as a Research Assistant. In the - rare - free time, you'll find him on a plane or at the basketball court.

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