Microservices: 5 things I wish I'd known


Microservices are hot! A lot of companies are experimenting with this architectural pattern that greatly benefits the software development process. When adopting new patterns we always encounter that moment where we think 'if only I knew this three months ago'. This talk will be a sneak peak into the world of microservices at Atlassian and reveal what we've learned about microservices: how to arrange, configure and build your code efficiently; deployment and testing; and how to operate effectively in this environment. In this talk you will learn how to immediately apply five simple strategies.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Vincent Kok

Development Manager - Atlassian

Vincent is Development Manager for Confluence Cloud at Atlassian, looking after performance, deployment and cloud architecture. Before that, he led the team which was responsible for moving Atlassian's identity systems towards a microservice architecture. When not thinking about software, Vincent likes a good game of lunchtime soccer in the park with fellow Atlassians.

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