Cracking JWT tokens: a tale of magic, Node.JS and parallel computing


Learn how you can use some JavaScript/Node.js black magic to crack JWT tokens and impersonate other users or escalate privileges. Just add a pinch of ZeroMQ, a dose of parallel computing, a 4 leaf clover, mix everything applying some brute force and you'll get a powerful JWT cracking potion!

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Luciano Mammino

Solution Architect - Vectra AI

I was born in 1987, the same year Super Mario Bros was released in Europe, which, by chance is my favourite game! I started coding at the age of 12, hacking away with my father's old i386 armed only with MS-DOS and the QBasic interpreter and since then I have been professionally a software developer for more than 10 years. I am currently a Solution Architect at Vectra AI in Dublin where I am automating the hunt for cyberattackers. I love the fullstack web, Node.js & Serveless so I co-authored "Node.js design patterns" (, launched and

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