Blender: the open source film production pipeline


Since the past 10 years, the Blender ( team has been developing and using a complete open source creation pipeline. The team produced and released several short films, including a 360- degrees VR experience and a pitch for the feature animation "Agent 327". Developing and sharing open source technologies is a great challenge, and leads to great benefits for the small and medium animation studios. In his talk, Francesco will show one of the most compelling and inspiring examples of production-driven software development.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Francesco Siddi

Producer and Technical Director - Blender Animation Studio

Francesco is a Producer and Technical Director at Blender Animation Studio, where he develops film production tools. He has worked on the popular Caminandes series (featured on, Cosmos Laundromat (Webby-Award nominee, SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Jury award winner) and Agent 327: Operation Barbershop. He is also involved in the project, coordinating and maintaining the Blender Network online directory of Blender professionals worldwide.

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