Virtual reality and the B2B world: how to get started.


Since last year, Virtual Reality is no more an unknown field. Many use-cases have been brought to life and companies are now throwing themselves in the field, seeing the advantages VR is bringing to their pioneer competitors. In this talk we'll dive into how a VR escape room is designed and developed, which challenges it poses and the pro&cons it brings on the market, analyzing already existing use-cases. In this talk we'll see what developers need to learn to start to work in VR, and in which fields VR is already "trustworthy" for companies, bringing already existing use-cases.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Fabio Mosca

CTO - AnotheReality

Co-Founder and CTO at AnotheReality, Fabio Mosca is a Virtual Reality specialist and videogame programmer. With a background as researcher (RMIT - Melbourne) and a bachelor degree in CS engineering (Polytechnic of Milan), he creates videogames (YonParadox is the latest) and also brings virtual reality to the fields of simulation, training, construction and entertainment.

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