Monitoring Cloud-Native applications with Prometheus


We are going to talk about Prometheus and how to use to monitor micro-services "Cloud-Native" application s. We are going to dive deep into the Prometheus monitoring model, we will see what are the components be hind this system and how they integrate with each others to provide an efficient and modern monitoring sy stem. We will also have a glance on Prometheus native integrations for cloud-native environments such as Kubernetes.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jacopo Nardiello

Founder & DevOps Engineer - SIGHUP

I've started my carreer as a Backend Software Engineer at Onebip, Milan. After that, I moved to London where I started my shift toward infrastructure while working at DHI Group Inc, this led to becoming a full-time DevOps engineer at Spreaker. At spreaker our core focus has been shifting their existing services-oriented infrastructure toward Cloud-Native. That's how I got myself started on Docker and Kubernetes. They quickly became the core of all my activites and shortly after I founded SIGHUP with the precise intent of focusing on Kubernetes and the Cloud-Native stack.

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