A More Human Industry


Working in tech gives us the opportunity to literally shape the future, which may often include greater potential for engaging work and material rewards than many other industries. But long hours, inhospitable working conditions and needless conflict in our workplaces can too often damage technologists. We'll look at immediate steps individuals and organisations can take to create healthier work, as well as looking at larger shifts in industry culture with great potential. By working to create human centred work and workplaces, we create the space and energy needed to let us better serve ours.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Jessica Rose

Technical Manager - FutureLearn

Jessica Rose is a self taught technologist obsessed with working to foster more equal access to technical education and digital spaces. She's currently working with DreamFactory to help them better reach developer communities with their open source project. She’s also founded the Open Code meetup series and co-founded Trans*Code. She’s always interested in hearing about your newest project so come find her for a chat.

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