Feeling powerful: The importance of movement and weapon feedback in shooters


From Doom to Destiny 2, an in-depth analysis of the shooter genre. What mechanics make a weapon "feel right" in a shooter? How has the player movement evolved in the genre? What are the most common mistakes? And how few lines of code can drastically change how your game feels. The talk will start with an overview of existing games, looking at what they have in common and what's different regarding combat and movement feedback and will then provide examples in Unreal Engine on how to implement a satisfying first person shooter weapon.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Giuseppe Navarria

Senior Gameplay Programmer - Splash Damage

La mia passione con i computer e i videogames inizia a 7 anni, ho iniziato a programmare a 13, e a 21 ho iniziato a lavorare come sviluppatore di videogames. Oggi, a 31 anni suonati, lavoro in UK, per conto di Splash Damage, sul franchise di Gears of War

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