Microservices and containers networking: Contiv, deep dive and demo


Contiv provides a higher level of networking abstraction for microservices: it provides built-in service discovery and service routing for scale out services, working with schedulers like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos and Openshift. A powerful policy-based management that makes networking on large scale easy. We will see some code examples, use cases and an easy tutorial on the web. This session is a follow up to the successful sessions at Codemotion Rome and Amsterdam in 2016: we'll go deeper into the architecture and the use cases.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Luca Relandini

Solution Architect - Cisco Systems

I’m a Solution Architect at Cisco, in a European team focused on Data Center, Automation and Cloud Computing. I work at IT and cloud projects using both Cisco's software/hardware products, open source (Openstack, Docker) and 3rd party products. After a career as Enterprise Architect in the IT industry at large enterprises, system integrators and software vendors I learned that the human factor (i.e. organization and governance, as well as alignment between Business and IT Strategies, and a sound architectural design that never hurts) is more important than technology as a success factor

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