Microservices in Go using Micro


Go beyond the hype and dig into building microservices with the Go framework Micro (micro.mu). In this talk you’ll learn how to create and deploy microservices using the popular framework Micro, which was extracted out of experience running services at Google and Hailo. You’ll see services built from scratch and deployed to the cloud, as well as a demonstration of all the features Micro includes to manage your services when they’re in production.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Brian Ketelsen

Cloud Developer Advocate - Microsoft

Brian Ketelsen is probably most widely known for his role in the Go community: co-organizing Gophercon, co-hosting the GoTime.FM podcast, and co-authoring Go in Action for Manning Press. He's been programming since he was 10, starting on a TI-99 4A. His broad background includes roles as a DBA, Developer, CIO, and nearly everything in-between. Brian built his first custom Linux distribution in 2007, which was used by colleges and companies like IBM to make developing with Ruby on Rails easier. Biggest contribution to Open Source: SkyDNS, which powers service discovery in Kubernetes.

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